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Lims Benefits

How will Labsols LIMS benefit your Lab?
One platform, may advantages.

Both technical and business benefits will vary depending upon the particulars of your lab. It provides benefits to all aspects of the business, not just to the laboratory itself but also to the customers of the laboratory whether they will be internal or external customers, every lab will see the most dramatic benefits benefit:

  • Lab productivity is tracked, and there is less need for direct management
  • No more wasted clerical time on data re-entry or transfer. Zero Errors and Improve Turnaround.
  • Inbuilt calculations remove errors during manual calculation processing, eliminating costly retesting
  • Save Labor and Rework. Automate repetitive operations such as logging samples, entering results, producing reports, logging instrument and reagent use, etc. will save labor and rework.
  • Single platform for managing all laboratory activities through a suite of integrated modules
  • Comprehensive functionality to suit most laboratories
  • Significant reduction in the results input time and operator errors
  • Real-time availability of analytical data. Advanced intuitive graphical interface.
  • Access to historic data to perform analysis on your data to improve productivity.
  • Decision support through statistics and advanced searches and Business Intelligence.
  • Management Reports keep track of all lab activities and provide audit trails to insure integrity of results.

LIMS is now on CLOUD. Realize the power of reporting in cloud computing TODAY

  • For small labs: Cloud solution can be used for small labs where full fledges Labsols LIMS implementation is not done or not required. Labsols has an option for Analyst to upload test result and Analyze & Report the result.
  • As sales tools: Cloud solution can be used by sales team to win new business. Customers of the organization and other new labs can start utilizing the power of IT almost in real time.
  • As intermediate solution: Cloud solution can be used as intermediate solution for even big laboratories. This applies to big, complicated and highly customized implementation.
  • As add-on: Cloud solution can be used by any laboratory as an added feature.
  • As scalable solution: Cloud solution is latest and secure solution.
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