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Document Management Benefits

Solution & Benefits

LabSols document management (M-Files) with LIMS differentiates from the crowded field of general-purpose document management with features that address specific requirements of regulated and quality driven laboratories. It is a perfect fit and need for leading life sciences, analytical, environmental and other laboratories.

Document and data management is a natural extension to our LIMS, Customer Portal and Customized lab informatics software offerings. Our DMS offering is designed to be used in both regulated and non-regulated environments and provides organizations with a complete document management and collaboration system for managing documents, activities and other information critical to the enterprise.

LabSols document management (M-Files) with LIMS: a special module has been added in latest LIMS version for the laboratory to maintain and manage the lab specific documents like test reports, spreadsheets, job specifications, product specifications, test specifications, certificates, worksheets, instrument output files, regulatory submission documents, research, data and sample related supporting documents. Documents are categorized in such a way that specific documents required for the analyst will be available in a simple click of a search button.

Following are the key aspects of the solution.

  • Search and view all lab data and information in custom way
  • Upload documents of any file type and size
  • Store documents in custom vaults or in folder structures
  • Enhance availability of lab data
  • Protect your data and intellectual property
  • Eliminate duplicate searches
  • Streamline information management
  • Eliminate the need to develop and manage expensive interfaces
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