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Calibration & Metrology


Metrology and calibration laboratories faces wide array of challenges on day to day operations. The difficulty to increase compliance and effectiveness within this market is at an all time high.

The continuing evolution of quality requirements presents significant challenges for today's calibration laboratories. Where traceability was once the only basic requirement a calibration laboratory must adhere, there are now numerous accrediting bodies, quality programs, regulatory agencies and auditors to which the metrology community must satisfy.

Key Challenges – So many questions around!

  • How does the calibration lab cope with juggling so many expectations and remain both viable and profitable?
  • How can the lab's processes address such varied disciplines, answering the needs of its clients, management, administration, calibration technicians, quality and engineering?
  • What method can be used to effectively collect and store the calibration data for historical parametric data analysis? How can the calibration lab analyze measurement uncertainty in a practical and profitable manner?
  • How to automate and above all traditional paper, manual and semi-automated tasks associated with the performance of routine calibration, complex instruments resulting error?

Add to this the corporate demands for more productivity and higher profits, and any calibration facility, no matter how competent, must now prepare to address the myriad of challenges for higher quality and increased productivity. This is the how one calibration laboratory identified and solved these challenging issues.

Is there any solution to these challenges? Yes, we have Calibration LIMS!

Labsols introduced “CALIBRATION LIMS” software for calibration industry with intelligent calibration management add-on to customer facing portal and mobile version extension. It automates all traditional paper, manual and semi-automated tasks associated with the performance of routine calibration and maintenance workflows for simple and complex instruments.

CALIBRATION LIMS captures the complete business process of a calibration lab. It streamlines the laboratory into seven basic processes: receiving, lab, quality assurance, analytics, management, shipping and billing, all completely traceable and track able. It also automates many of the other key activities of reporting, documenting, issue logging and communication. Laboratories are able to reduce the administrative overhead surrounding instrument calibrations while increasing their confidence that data integrity will not be compromised by improperly calibrated instrumentation.

Paperless Concept. Cover every aspects of Calibration business.

CAL-LAB LIMS is a comprehensive web-based calibration solution that monitors the calibration process every step of the way, recording and logging to meet the quality requirements necessary for accreditation and certification. It understands the ins and outs of how a calibration lab should operate by recording every activity on every job so that your laboratory runs like clockwork.

CAL-LAB LIMS is one of the most latest technically advanced application with “Paperless concept” which is highly configurable and can be tailored to meet your current flow or process of lab operations fulfilling your expectation. It is the most comprehensive client server/cloud solution available today with maximum benefits of cloud including data storage, security, cost saving for installation and IT infrastructure etc.

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